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Contract Types

Free initial consultation

  • We are open to provide you with the flexibility in the choice of selecting services you need, and the way you would like pay for our work.
  • Our first consultation is free. This way you can get a feel of our level of competence without watching the clock, and we can find out as much about your business needs as it is necessary to provide you with the best services possible.
  • After initial consultation we will prepare proposal and Contract for your review.

Short and long term contracts

The contract could be on the Weekly, Monthly or on Project bases. In addition you have a choice of:

  • picking from the long list of our services, selecting only the most critical tasks you would like us to do;
  • intrusting us with the complete support of your accounting needs, fully concentrating on making your business more profitable

Fair and Competitive rates

We provide you a choice of the Hourly Rate or Flat Monthly fee. To make it fare for you and us and eliminate “guessing” we can establish initial period of time at an hourly rate, estimate the number of work hours your contract will require month, and after that switch to the flat monthly rate or vise versa.

Choice of on-site or remote access to your office computers, or processing on our computers

Depending on your needs and preferences, we can provide our services “on-site” – directly in your office or work from our office by establishing secure remote connection to your office computer environment. If you are a very small business, or just starting, or simply don’t have suitable office space/ computer resources, we can run your accounting application on our office computing infrastructure.

Close communication with customers

  • Regardless of selected mode of operations, we maintain close and regular communication with our clients in person, via e-mail, fax and phone.
  • Access to the most up to date communication and computer technology facilitates our ability to provide you with instantaneous reaction to your requests, and providing you with reports and data you require.


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