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Below is a list of Customized Bookkeeping Services we are offering, with short explanation of and benefits of each:

•“Clean up” of messy books and troubleshooting

If you have been too busy to maintain your accounting books, or unlucky with your current of former accounting help and your books are not up-to date, we provide Clean-up services for you. We research and trouble shoot all the discrepancies, make adjustments and allow you start from the “clean slide”, without loosing important business information. If your file(s) needs to have a new start, we help you establish new files, preserving all the best features you have been using in your old file, migrating all critical data and efficiently and accurately entering required transactions.

Converting paper records into computerized bookkeeping system

It is hard to overestimate the use of computers in today’s business life. If you still do your accounting old way (with the paper and pencil or using computerized spreadsheet), we can convert your data into QuickBooks or other accounting application of your choice, leaving you more time to dedicate to your main business.

Migrating your bookkeeping records from other applications into QuickBooks

Struggling to integrate your financial data from several different applications? We can help you to extract your data, modify it to adhere to QuickBooks acceptable format, create appropriate data structures (Accounts, Items, Fields) and import data back into your QuickBooks Application

Streamlining accounting procedures

When you have a feeling, that something is going wrong, takes too much time, or you just don’t get results that you have been expecting, we analyze your current processes and procedures and figure out what is going wrong. Then we correct and streamline accounting data flow by optimizing processes and procedures.

Optimizing your existing Chart of Accounts to better support the needs of your business and industry

Are you not sure how to start? Need special features to accomplish your goals? We review your Chart of Accounts, optimize it for your industry and special needs, introduce items, types, classes when appropriate.

Serving as a Liaison between you and your CPA and/ or other Financial institutions

If you have difficulty discussing with your CPA his requests, or expressing your own requirements, we can serve as an intermediary, to make your accounting system to work the best for you and your CPA. We also help you to prepare financial documents when you are applying for Loans or have any misunderstanding with other Financial institutions.

Installing and tuning Quick Books family products

Just starting? Need help to install QuickBooks products? Don’t waist your valuable time. Let our computer service professional do it for you.

Providing Quick Book Training and Coaching

Ones you have software installed and application running we can provide you Quick Book Training and coaching. It will be up to you how many people you want to train, how often you need our training, or you choose individual coaching or coaching in the specific area of QuickBooks


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